7053 sync separator - converts sync on green to separate sync

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The 7053 Sync Separator will translate a sync-on-green RGB analog video signal to a standard separate sync (VGA) signal.

Sync-on-green is typically output from all DEC, NeXT, HP, SGI, APOLLO, and IBM workstations.

The adapter has a HD-15 VGA male connector for input and a HD-15 VGA female connector for output.



Signal Inputs:

Green Video Input pin 2
Range: -0.3 to +0.7V AC Coupled
RS-343 Standard
200MHz Bandwidth
75 Ohm termination
Red and Blue Video Input pins 1 and 3
Range: 0.0 to +0.7V AC Coupled
RS-343 Standard
200MHz Bandwidth
75 Ohm termination
Sync Signals Input pins 13 and 14
Not connected

Signal Outputs:

Vertical Sync Output pin 14
Range: 50 to 150Hz
TTL Levels
Composite (H) Sync Output pin 13
H and V combined
TTL Levels
Green Video Output pin 2
Sync signal removed
75 Ohm Source Impedance
0.0 to 0.7V DC Coupled


Input Male VGA (HD15)
Output Female VGA (HD15)


Normal External 6VDC 100mA or greater power supply (included)
Connector is standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm power connector
CAUTION Center is positive. DO NOT REVERSE
Internal Power can be supplied by input pin 9 if DDC-2 compliant video card is being used.
Load is less than 60mA


Size L: 2.05" (52.1mm)
W: 1.38" (35.1mm)
H: 0.88" (22.4mm)
Weight 40gm/1.5oz



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