7041 sync combiner - converts separate sync to sync on green

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The 7041 Sync Converter will translate a standard VGA sync signal to both composite and sync-on-green output.

Composite sync output is typically used on all SUN and MAC workstation monitors.

Sync-on-green is typically used on all DEC, NeXT, HP, SGI, APOLLO, and IBM workstation monitors.

The adapter has a HD-15 VGA male connector for input and a HD-15 VGA female connector for output.



Sync Inputs:

Vertical Input pin 14
Range: 50 to 150Hz
TTL Levels
Horizontal or composite Input pin 13
Range: 30 to 150KHz
TTL Levels

Sync Outputs:

Vertical Output pin 14
Range: As input
TTL Levels
Composite Output pin 13
H and V combined
TTL Levels
Output pin 2
H+V+green video
RS-343 Standard


Input Male VGA (HD15
Output Female VGA (HD15)


No external power Required
Direct Input pin 9 (If available)
Requires DDC-2 compliant card
Indirect Power derived from sync signal inputs


Size 2.05"L x 1.38"W x 0.88"H
Weight 33gm/1.2oz




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