7011 adapter - 13W3 male to HD15 (VGA) female

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This adapter is used to connect a VGA monitor to a workstation with a 13W3 output connector (SGI, HP, etc.) It can also connect a 13W3 workstation monitor to a PC with a HD15 (VGA) output.

When putting together monitors and computers, there are three things to consider:

1. The physical cable connection

2. The video sync signal being sent from the computer

3. The video frequency being sent from the computer.

This adapter addresses item one above. It can physically connect a monitor to a computer. It does NOT change the sync signal nor the frequency being sent from the computer.

To change the sync signal, see our 7041 and 7053 sync converters. If you need a cable instead of an adapter, see our 4103 cable.


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